About Us

ISAC Board of Directors for 2023-2024

President – Barb Caleca (Prince of Peace Catholic Church)
  Vice President – Judy Duhamel (Prince of Peace Catholic Church)
  Treasurer – Dee Kelly (St. Andrews Presbyterian Church)
  Secretary – Sally Morse (SouthShore United Church of Christ)

Scholarship Co-Chairs:
  Linda Maslyk   (Trinity Baptist),
  Cher Cerebe   (St. John the Divine),
  Jo-Ellen Bromberg (Beth Isarel)

  HCC Mature Scholarships:
  Doug Cambell (St. Andrews Presbyterian Church)

  Grant Chair:
  Nick Caleca  (Prince of Peace Catholic)

  Nearly New Shop Liaison:
  Kathy Woelfel   (United Methodist of SCC)

  Additional Houses of Worship Members:
  Barbara Nova (Beth Israel)
  Jane Trefren (Redeemer Lutheran)


ISAC Council Members
Appointed by the Houses of Worship

 Beth Israel – Barbara Nova
   Prince of Peace Catholic – Nick Caleca
   Redeemer Lutheran – Jane Trefren
   St. Andrew Presbyterian – Doug Campbell
   St. John the Divine – Cher Cerebe
   SouthShore United Church of Christ – Sally Morse
   Trinity Baptist – Linda Maslyk
   United Methodist of SCC – Kathy Woelfel

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