History of The Interfaith Council


In 1971, three churches in Sun City Center Florida developed a plan for offering financial aid to our local residents. The following year, they formed the Interfaith Social Action Council to administer the plan. Next, they launched the Nearly New Shop in Wimauma, to raise funds for supporting the plan. City residents responded at once by generously donating an abundant supply of nearly new items that the shop could sell.

As the city population increased, the number of houses of worship eventually grew to nine. The shop also grew substantially, and in 2001, it was relocated to the rear of the Sun City Center Plaza.

We are proud to say, the  Nearly New Shop has earned revenue of more than four million dollars from sales of donated items. After expenses, those benefits have been returned to our own community, through scholarships and grants.

Going forward, as new houses of worship are formed, we trust that they too will join the Council to aid in this work.

Our Mission

The Council's motivating force is ensuring the general welfare of the entire Sun City Center Community. Our primary mission is supporting programs and activities that enrich the lives of all our residents. Our principal purpose is to supply help where it is needed

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